Andrew Rivera




Remembering the Epidemic is a hard, emotional, and raw look at the realities of the people suffering and how it not only effects those with the virus, but also their loved ones. This book is a glimpse into the lives of Larry Dearmon and Stephen Mills as they discuss their experience of losing a loved one to the illness and how it brought them together. Their dialogue is paired with images of the stories of David Kirby, Ryan White, Dick Hanson, and the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

This book acts as a platform to educate people on the crisis that took the lives of so many people, and continues to affect millions today. Remembering the Epidemic puts a spotlight on a topic that is not widely discussed and forces the reader to acknowledge the tragedies of this crisis and how it can affect anyone.


Red ink and pink paper were chosen as a nod to the red ribbon of the HIV/AIDS awareness movement.


Large, full-bleed, black and white imagery is used to convey a raw emotion that allows the images to be on full display for the readers. It is also used to contrast the red ink and pink paper.


Foldouts reveal more imagery, as well as a body of text from that provides more information on the crisis. This portion acts as the more educational side of the book to contrast the intense images.


Type & Color


The book is set in Prestige Elite (Bold), a monospaced serif typeface, used for the dialogue between Dearmon and Mills. The color Millmon, an ode to the couple, is used for the dialogue, as well as printed on a pink paper as a nod to the red ribbon that represents the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Ubuntu Mono (Regular), a humanist sans-serif typeface, is used for larger texts and the captions of the images.




Remembering the Epidemic showcases five different stories of people who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The physical book doesn’t contain much written text as the emotional images are meant to speak for themselves. With that, the people showcased throughout the book have stories that need to be told. The website of eStory would showcase a number of books that the company puts out, where users could flip through the digital book and read more about the people in these books.

As the user flips through the pages, or jumps to a certain page with the pages tab in the top right, an article of the people showcased in the images pops up where they can scroll to read more about them, see more images, as well as play the audio, from the interview between Dearmon and Mills, that is from that specific spread in the book.