Andrew Rivera



AIGA Blue Ridge Flux 2018
Honorable Mention | UX/UI

UX/UI | Branding


The Problem

Most performers (drag artists) build their fanbases/careers through personal connections with the people. As social media grows more and more popular, the drag community needs to adapt and learn how to connect with new fans in their own unique platform.

The Solution

Design a social app dedicated to the art of drag that allows the connection between businesses (clubs) and the drag performer, as well as between the performer and the audience.




Stakeholders of potential users



  • Options to sign up as a drag performer, business, or fan

  • Payment method from business to client

  • Map of club locations

  • Show users which queens are performing at which locations

  • Be inclusive to all races, gender, sexual orientations, ages, etc.


  • Allow queens/businesses to post on their feed with updates

  • Allow users to follow businesses/queens to get notifications

  • Allow queens to link to other social media accounts

  • Display if club is 18+ or not and if there is a fee/cover

  • Display hours of the different clubs and how far away they are



  • Have “tip” option for users to donate to their favorite queens

  • Have “shop” selection allowing queens to find outfits, shoes, makeup, etc.

  • Allow other users to message each other

  • Allow users to message queens/businesses


  • Allow “reviews” of queens or businesses

  • Require user to select a gender when signing up

  • Ask for “proof” or “validation” as to whether someone is a drag performer or not

  • Require drag performers to be male




From these paper prototypes, I made black and white wireframes to get a better since of the interface as well as the user experience.


From this wireframe, I realized I needed to interview someone who would be an actual user of this product. I contacted a local drag queen and he graciously provided a user test as well as feed back to what can be improved. This was extremely helpful as he was able to give more insight to what the user needs.




Logo Animation

The logo transitions from feminine to masculine to represent the playful relationship of gender in drag culture.




A special icon set was developed to reflect the unique aspect of drag. When the icon is selected, a couple of stars appear and the colors invert to signify it was selected.


For verified business and performer accounts, a matching icon is paired with their profile to let users know. A disco ball represent the business locations on the map page. Night time mode is added under the profile section to allow users to have a darker appearance so at night, primarily when the app is used, the user’s eyes are not in pain.


Final Screens


In the intro screens, the user can choose to sign up as a fan, performer, or business, depending on the user’s use of the app. The “sign up” screens differ based on the user’s selections to fit the needs of that user.


Home, Map, Messages, User Profile, Business Profile



The left column shows a performer’s profile from the viewpoint of a normal user. The user has the option to tip the performer via PayPal, Venmo, or through a credit/debit card. Since most younger people going out to clubs do not carry cash on them, a virtual tipping option allows for more income for the performers. An automatic customized message from the performer appears as a “thank you” to the user after tipping to create a personal connection after the transaction.


The right column shows a performer’s profile from the viewpoint of a business user. Businesses have the option see the performer’s past reviews from other businesses to see if they are a good client to work with. This feature is only available to businesses and not the general user to prevent “haters” from purposefully trying to ruin a performer’s score. When the business chooses to book, they can select the date, rate, and leave any additional comments if necessary. The performer will then be notified with the booking and can choose to accept, decline, or further message the business to discuss dates, rates, and anything else mentioned by the business.