Andrew Rivera




Schizophrenic Romanticism is a series of three zines that take a look into the life, career, and death of fashion designer and icon, Lee Alexander McQueen.


The zines utilize striking imagery on the covers with clean typography to convey the luxurious brand that is Alexander McQueen. The branding of the series reflects the brand of McQueen; polished, avant-garde, and architectural.


A box, mimicking the shape of an “M”, is used to carry the series as a whole for readers to easily hold.


When the zine is folded out, on the back reveals a larger poster to showcase a piece from one of McQueen’s collections; highlighting the mannequin, model, and close-up shot.


A look into the life of a fashion icon


The first part in Schizophrenic Romanticism delves into the life of Alexander McQueen. This is primarily a focus on his personal life on how he grew up, where, his relationship with his mother and friends, and his battles with mental illness.


A look into the career of a fashion icon


The second installment jumps into the career of McQueen and focuses on his time with Givenchy, his extravagant runway shows, and the legacy he leaves on the fashion industry.


A look into the death of a fashion icon


The finale to Schizophrenic Romanticism concludes with the devastating story of McQueen’s suicide at age 40, the sexual abuse McQueen endured from his former brother-in-law, and his last collection.




Schizophrenic Romanticism would be distributed outside of an Alexander McQueen exhibition for attendees to learn more about him as they view his collection.


Outside the museum to advertise the exhibit.


Before entering the exhibition, attendees would be greeted with a stand holding the zines for people to easily grab and take home as a souvenir.